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The Video Game Bus has two separate rooms, a feature that puts us in a class by ourselves. The Front room has 4 widescreen high-def TVs  with speakers. There is a GREAT feature, so the players do not have to be disturbed while playing their games, a walkway has been installed behind the seats to allow access to and from the back room. The Rear room is an open floor area that  has a 55" widescreen high-def TV with a mind blowing audio system. There is an option of enjoying yourself on the outside of the bus where there is also a 55" widescreen high-def TV with an audio system *(weather permitting).  You can enjoy all the newest game system and games with a "Game Coach" to help anyone who needs assistance.   

IFrequently Asked Questions:

What age groups do your buses cater to?            The Video Game Bus caters to all ages .

How many people can the BUSAMOVE buses hold?          The Video Game Bus holds approximately 20 children. 

What  gaming systems do you have?     The Video Game Bus has all of the newest and most popular gaming systems and games .

Does the Video Game Bus move around while kids are inside?         Absolutely not. The Video Game Bus is parked the entire party. Safety always comes first.

Is food allowed on theVideo Game Bus?          NO, Due to possible spills we DO NOT allow food on the Video Game bus.  

Are parents allowed on theVideo Game Bus?        Yes. Parents are allowed on the Video Game Bus and can participate in all activities at their own discretion.
Where does the Video Game Bus park?              Preferably, right in front of the house, apartment or building. Any legal spot provided by parent.

Are the buses equipped with heating and air conditioning?            Yes. The Video Game Bus have heat and air conditioning capabilities.

What  is the BUSAMOVE coverage area?            BUSAMOVE covers SOME parts of Long Island, Brooklyn, and Queens.

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